NSE is an international, industrial, tightly-integrated, procurement, production and assembly company for ’metal and plastic products’ with its own branches in Belgium and China and alliance partnerships in eastern Europe. In Belgium, NSE has spacious warehouses for stockpiling your orders, ready for dispatch at your request.
NSE produces to your technical specifications at highly competitive prices.

With NSE as your business partner, you have ready access to a global network of producers in the Far East and in eastern Europe. Since 2007 we have continued to forge long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
The optimal service is provided by a team of about 50 well-trained and professional staff in Belgium and China. They ensure high-speed, trouble-free, readily-understood communication, a stringent timetable, close monitoring of orders and, of course, rigorous and reliable quality inspections.
It is NSE’s aim to provide its customers with quality products, without risk and at highly competitive prices.
NSE is a "loyal and dedicated partner", with proven track records of projects, starting in the design phase right thru’ to delivery.