Sanitary cubicle fittings

NSE produces metalwork and accessories for sanitary cabins, changing rooms, toddler booths, cloakroom lockers, all this in plastic, aluminium as well as stainless steel (currently under development). We manufacture various hinges, doorknobs, vacant/engaged locks, clamps for panel and wall fixation, clothing hooks, toilet roll holders ...
The plastic range is made from a top-quality polyamide material which is resistant to high temperatures, moisture and chemicals. The plastic range consists of 7 colours for both fibre boards of 10 mm and 13 mm. All these products are in stock and can be dispatched the day after your order.
The aluminium products are made of a high-grade 6063T6 aluminium, machined with pin-point precision and coated with a top-quality, anodized finish.
The stainless steel version is still work in progress; it will be added to the range later on.