Logistics and stock

NSE offers you `DDP’ (duty, delivery paid) products. So, included in our quotes, are all carriage costs, transport insurance, clearance dues, import levies and handling costs.
In consultation with the customer, that same quote could, of course, be on a FOB (free on board) or CIF (cost, insurance, freight) basis.
Each week, several groupage containers leave NSE China. So your orders (or parts of your orders) could be loaded onto that weekly service. Note: A consignment is not held back until an order is complete.
Both in Belgium and in China, NSE has extensive storage facilities so that we can always deliver from stock. Our customers usually place an annual order with us, which is then dispatched, as required, upon request.
The NSE delivery note always states the outstanding balance of an annual order. That way, the customer has up-to-date information and (s)he can place a new annual order in good time.
Partnering with NSE ensures that all your logistic worries are taken off your hands and that your investment in stock (to maintain inventory levels) will decrease.