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About NSE

NSE is an international, industrial, tightly-integrated, procurement, production and assembly company for ’metal and plastic products’ with its own branches in Belgium and China and alliance partnerships in eastern Europe. In Belgium, NSE has spacious warehouses for stockpiling your orders, ready for dispatch at your request.

NSE as your partner

NSE produces to your technical specifications at highly competitive prices.

With NSE as your business partner, you have ready access to a global network of producers in the Far East and in eastern Europe. Since 2007 we have continued to forge long-term partnerships with our suppliers.
The optimal service is provided by a team of about 50 well-trained and professional staff in Belgium and China. They ensure high-speed, trouble-free, readily-understood communication, a stringent timetable, close monitoring of orders and, of course, rigorous and reliable quality inspections.

It is NSE’s aim to provide its customers with quality products, without risk and at highly competitive prices.
NSE is a "loyal and dedicated partner", with proven track records of projects, starting in the design phase right thru’ to delivery.



start-up of ‘New Steel Equipment’ in 2007, both directors had, at the time, 20 years’ experience already in the supply of materials for industrial applications.


start-up of an owned branch in Ningbo, China (Zhejiang province)


moved into new premises, with an attendant warehouse (2500m²), at Sint Eloois Vijve, Belgium.


implementation of `SAP business one’ at both branches (Belgium and China).


moved into new premises, with an attendant storage and assembly shop (1200m²) at Ningbo, China.


in February 2013, our regional office in China was ISO 9001:2008 certificated by VERITAS. This accreditation is your guarantee that our procedures and management processes meet the highest quality standards.


start-up of our own plastic injection moulding firm in Ningbo, China and the purchase of 2 Demag machines. These machines are mainly used for the injection moulding of the sanitary products.


expansion of the assembly department by adding three extra lines.


NSE creates a separate website for Cubilox sanitary fittings. More info: www.cubilox.com


Due to the excellent combination of technical knowledge and commercial dynamic, NSE has succeeded in building a good customer base in a short period of time. Our international team of 50 employees is ready to serve you in the best possible way.

Our mission

Passion and didication for the job and the deepest respect for its customers by the whole NSE team, ensures that its top-quality products reach the customer at competitive prices and on time.

Partnering with NSE affords the customer certain financial advantages:
• no expensive and time-consuming trips to China
• no 100% payment upon shipment of the container
• purchase of more complex, pre-assembled pieces reduces the administrative costs of purchasing, warehousing as well as the logistics costs.
• …

Partnering with NSE affords the customer certain organizational advantages:
• high-speed, trouble-free and readily understood communication, no “yes Sir/no Sir “ but straight talk.
• reliable quality inspections and reports drafted by NSE’s own quality engineers.
• a professional, discrete and systematic approach to your project.
• buffer stock in Belgium; deliveries on request

NSE offers a wide range of production processes for manufacturing custom parts according to your technical specifications, for small, medium and larger quantities.


Our core values

The following core values are pre-conditions for being chosen, by NSE, as an approved supplier/business partner.

  • • No child labour
    • No racism
    • No discrimination
    • No physical or psychological threats
    • Safety on the shop-floor
    • Cleanliness and good hygiene on the shop-floor
    • Observance of statutory minimum wages and working hours
    • Observance of all statutory provisions between Employer and Employee

NSE reserves the right to inspect the supplier’s procedures, at any time. The supplier is aware of this code of conduct and cooperates fully on this.

Furthermore, our Chinese manufacturing company has been awarded BSCI certification after an audit by Tüv-Nord. The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an initiative of companies committed to improving working conditions in their global supply chain. BSCI provides a common Code of Conduct and roadmap for companies that is applicable to all sectors and manufacturing countries.

Convinced to choose NSE?

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We produce the desired products according to your specifications

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We have large storage options and deliver on demand

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Working together with NSE means a professional and discreet approach to your project

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