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Custom-made products

We produce high-quality technical components, semi-finished products and assembled mechanical end products in metal or plastic custom-made for you. We do this using a wide range of techniques, depending on the desired quantities and your specific requirements.

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In our foundry, we manufacture products according to your specifications using various casting techniques such as lost wax casting, high-pressure aluminium and zamac casting, sand casting, shell casting, etc.

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Punching and bending

We bend your metal parts to your specifications and make recesses and cut-outs as necessary.

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Plastic injection

Working with our subsidiary, we produce your customised plastic parts. Because our modern injection moulding machines are equipped with CNC robots, we can guarantee flawless production. Discover all the possibilities by visiting

Draadwerk 0409

From cutlery baskets to powder-coated displays and reinforcement for prefabricated building elements, no challenge is too much for us.

Extrusie 0286

We use extrusion to make plastic, rubber and aluminium parts for a wide range of applications.

Freeswerk 0262

With our CNC-controlled milling machines, we machine aluminium, brass and stainless steel parts according to your specifications and requirements.

Punching, bending and welding

The punching and bending is followed by the welding of various parts using various techniques such as TIG and MIG welding and spot welding.

Draaiwerk 0463

We machine both plastic and metal parts using our CNC-controlled lathe.

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Our professional assembly department in China assembles both standard and more complex products for you whilst ensuring the maximum level of protection of your product and any patents.

Why choose NSE?

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We produce the desired products according to your specifications

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We have large storage options and deliver on demand

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Collaborating with NSE means a professional and discreet approach to your project

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