Over the years, NSE has worked hard to form a team of suppliers who are rigorously screened. Can they deliver consistent, top-quality products together with excellent punctuality? Drawing from this homogeneous pool of suppliers, we’re able to offer various production processes, for the fabrication of custom-made components to your technical specifications, this in small, medium or large volumes:
• machining 
• TIG and MIG welding and spot welding
• plastic injection moulding, gas injection and two component injection moulding
• plastic, aluminium and rubber extrusion
• high pressure die casting of aluminium and zinc
• investment casting, sand casting and die casting
• laser cutting, punching, bending
• thermoforming and rotational moulding

We can give your components the necessary surface treatment(s):

• electrolytic and hot-dip galvanizing
• chrome and tin plating
• wet painting and powder coating
• anodizing
• sandblasting and pearl-blasting
• ...

Working from our offices in Belgium and China, all your orders are tracked meticulously. Our quality engineers visit the manufacturers daily and make the requisite quality checks. Quality reports can be supplied with the component.
Our NSE office in Ningbo, China has been certificated to ISO 9001:2008 by BUREAU VERITAS.
In 2014, NSE set up a self-owned, plastic injection moulding line via a Chinese subsidiary.
Our state-of-the-art injection moulding machines are equipped with CNC robots, so that production goes smoothly.