Quality control

Don't worry about the quality of the products or parts you order from China. Our qualified employees perform quality checks for you in China based on your briefing and specifications.


Like us, you value quality. That is why you want to be sure that the products and/or parts you order from China live up to your quality standards. That is how it should be!

That is why we offer you our quality control service. These products do fall outside the usual NSE activities and products.

The terms and conditions for the the quality control are clearly defined in advance. We agree on a consultancy for each specific order.

Tension Test B
Torque Test Equipment B
Hinge testing Machine
Door lock testing Machine

Quality is the best business plan

John Lasseter - Pixar

Why choose NSE?

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We produce the desired products according to your specifications.

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We have large storage options and deliver on demand.

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Working together with NSE means a professional and discreet approach to your project.


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